The Changing Face of Dentistry with Dr. David Garber

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Last week, we were honored to welcome Dr. David Garber to Boston to lead an evening discussion followed by a one day hands-on session with Solea. Dr. David Garber is a renowned expert in the dental community. He has won the Gordon J. Christensen Lecturer Recognition Award, the David Serson Medal of Research, is an honorary member of the Kois Center for Advancing Dentistry Through Science, as well as a past president of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) and board member of both the AAED and the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics. Having been a leader in the field for decades, he drew quite the crowd. We, like the rest of the audience, took out our notepad and enjoyed learning from the best. Below are our event and presentation highlights.


The night began with a hands-on demo. Attendees excitedly joined Dr. Garber and current Solea users for a walkthrough of the laser’s technology and then took the reins, familiarizing themselves with Solea’s handpiece, easy-to-navigate touch screen, and variable speed foot pedal.



After the demo, everyone took his or her seat for the keynote. Dr. Garber began by providing some historical context about the development of dental lasers, commenting: “all lasers are not the same.” Only recently, he said, has the technology been honed to the point of “a single versatile laser” — one reliable and precise enough to impact clinical treatment. Solea, according to Dr. Garber, is that laser. He called the technology “an evolution that was a revolution.”


A big point of differentiation for Dr. Garber is Solea’s accessibility. With Solea, performing reliably anesthesia-free, multi-quadrant restorative procedures and bloodless soft tissue procedures are within the technical proficiency of any general dentist. “Solea is the best [technology] I ever invested in. Simple to learn, own, and incorporate,” he said.


Dr. Garber also touched upon the technical innovation that sets Solea apart, noting the wavelength and patterns that make the laser revolutionary. As opposed to other lasers and traditional dental drills, Solea doesn’t strip off important, sound tooth structure. Rather, it preserves it. The ability to perform with such precision results in a superior patient experience.


Dr. Garber closed by commenting on how integral Solea has become to his work. “I’ve done everything with it. And now there are some thing I can’t do without it.” After he wrapped, guests mingled and some even took us up on the offer to cruise Boston’s picturesque harbor — a fantastic way to cap such a special event.



Take a look at the powerful video we shared at The Changing Face of Dentistry, featuring Dr. Yooson Kim, a dentist in Pennsylvania whose practice experienced great growth after adding Solea:


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