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Treating Interproximal Carious Lesions, Crown Lengthening, Fractured Amalgam, and Recurrent Decay with Joshua P. Weintraub, DDS

For a long time, dental lasers have struggled to deliver predictable clinical performance. As an experienced laser dentist, Dr. Joshua Weintraub has invested in many different types of lasers, including erbium (2.9 μm), Nd:YAG (1.064 μm), and diode (0.81 μm). He saw the potential of laser technology, but struggled to experience the consistent results promised. With Solea, Dr. Weintraub finally has a technology with which he can confidently and safely perform anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures for the majority of his cases, including interproximal carious lesions, crown lengthening, fractured amalgam, and recurrent decay.

Recently, Dr. Weintraub shared a series of clinical procedures with Dentistry Today. All of them show Solea’s ability to create a differentiated experience for provider and patient. In the first clinical case, Dr. Weintraub’s patient has multiple interproximal carious lesions. He completes the entire procedure with Solea in 35 minutes. The second clinical example, a crown lengthening procedure, showcases Solea’s ability to cut osseous tissue. Without that capability, Dr. Weintraub would have had to refer the procedure out to a periodontist. And finally, thanks to Solea’s predictable analgesic effect, treating a patient’s fractured amalgam was done with no needles, anesthesia, or discomfort.

To see a step-by-step clinical review of all of Dr. Weintraub’s procedures using Solea, click here.

As Dr. Weintraub’s experience proves, Solea delivers on its promise to broaden clinical repertoire and minimize referrals. Plus, with a shorter procedure and recovery time, patients now find their experiences far less intimidating. As Dr. Weintraub says, “I am so confident that I can perform minimally invasive dentistry, reliably anesthesia-free—with the exception of some procedures such as flapped surgery—that I don’t hesitate to perform procedures the same day that need arises, without the need for [extra] scheduling.” This translates to a more convenient experience for his patients, and improved efficiency for his practice. Just the kind of results Solea is designed to produce.

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