Aphasia Awareness Month

Early summer is a big time for speech pathologists, as this is when most of our awareness months fall. June is both Aphasia Awareness Month AND Dysphagia Awareness Month! We’ll be sharing facts and info about both throughout the month, starting with a few facts about aphasia below.
Aphasia is a communication disorder caused by a stroke or brain injury that affects the ability to use and process language. It does not affect intelligence.
8-10 hours a week of treatment has been shown to improve progress compared to those not receiving treatment.
The best improvements are often made within the first 6 months after the stroke or brain injury, but steady functional improvements can continue to be made throughout life.
An estimated 20-40% of strokes result in aphasia (per National Aphasia Association stats).
There is also a different, less widely known, progressive form of aphasia called Primary Progressive Aphasia that we also treat at SNR. We are currently in the process of forming a free support group for PPA, so if you or a loved one has PPA and would like the change to informally meet with and gain the support of others, please reach out to us to sign up. Visit our page here for more info on this.
Help us spread awareness of aphasia this month, and please tag us in your awareness posts so we see them too!
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