2016 Colon Cancer Awareness Plano TX | Arshad Malik, MD

Since 2000, the month of March has been dedicated as National Colon Cancer Awareness month.  As a gastroenterologist in Plano, TX, this is an important topic that I want to help promote to my patients and those in the Dallas area.  I wanted to share some important information regarding colon cancer prevention along with some specific awareness events that are occurring in the Dallas, TX area in 2016 to help promote colon cancer awareness for our community. 

2016 Colon Cancer Events in Plano, TX area

Colon Cancer Facts

  • According to the American Caner Society, colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.
  • In 2016, approximately 140,000 adults will be diagnosed with colon cancer in the U.S. and 50,000 people are predicted to die of the disease.
  • The lifetime risk of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer is about one in 19.
  • With early screening and testing, colon cancer is Preventable, Treatable & Beatable!

What is Colon Cancer screening?

Colon cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable forms of cancer when it’s found early.  Screening allows a gastroenterologist the ability to view your colon and check for signs of colon cancer.  Dr. Malik uses colonoscopy to screen his patients for colon cancer.  He prefers colonoscopy since it is the only colon cancer screening exam that can both screen for polyps and remove them.

In order to make colonoscopy more accessible to patients in the Plano, TX area, Dr. Malik offers an open colonoscopy option to qualifying patients. Open colonoscopy allows patients to schedule a colonoscopy without having an office visit prior to the colonoscopy.  This will save patients the time and the expense of an office visit.  Dr. Malik hopes that this convenience will help to increase the participation rates of those needing to be screened for colon cancer in the Plano, TX area. Detecting colon cancer in its early stages before it has time to grow and develop is the key to beating this deadly disease. 

Colonoscopy Prep Tips

It’s important to remember that a clean colon is the key to a successful colonoscopy. The cleaner the colon is, the easier it is for your doctor to detect if any polyps are present. The day before your colonoscopy you will be on a liquid diet and then you’ll drink the prep that evening, which will start the process of cleaning out the colon. 

Dr. Malik has provided a few tips on how to make the colonoscopy prep a better experience:

  • The day before your exam drink lots of fluids (juice, broth, Jell-O, water) which helps flush you out and keeps you from being so hungry
  • Put the bowel prep in the fridge to make it cool, but not too cold.  The cool temperature will help the prep easier to drink.
  • Put some flavoring in the bowel prep. I recommend using Crystal Lite packets.
  • Use baby wipes. This will help to reduce potential irritation. 

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