What is an Upper Endoscopy?

EndoscopyFind out if getting an endoscopy in Houston, TX could alleviate your stomach issues.

Are you dealing with unexplained abdominal pain or gastrointestinal issues? Do you experience nausea or stomach problems that you just can’t get to the bottom of? If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms your Houston, TX gastroenterologist Dr. Vikram Jayanty can help. Find out more about getting an endoscopy and how it might be able to pinpoint the cause of your intestinal problems.

What is an endoscopy?

An endoscopy involves using a small, flexible tube—known as an endoscope—that contains both a light and a small camera to help your Houston gastroenterologist get a better look at the esophagus, stomach and top portion of your small intestines. The endoscope goes into your mouth where it is carefully guided down your esophagus into your stomach.

When might my Houston gastroenterologist recommend getting one?

An upper endoscopy may be recommended to determine the cause of abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, bleeding, issues swallowing and vomiting.

Endoscopies are also great at detecting any inflammation, growths or ulcers in your digestive system. While X-rays can also detect tumors and other abnormalities, they aren’t as precise at detecting issues as an endoscopy is.

What does getting an endoscopy entail?

The procedure itself only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to perform. A local anesthesia will be applied to the back of your throat so you don’t experience any discomfort. Along with the anesthesia, we will also administer a sedative and pain reliever into your IV to help you relax. Once the medication has taken effect, we will have you lie down on your side and then we will insert the small scope into your mouth and eventually into your stomach.

Don’t let stomach problems get the better of you. Your Houston, TX gastroenterologist is here to diagnose and treat any and all GI conditions. Call us today to schedule an appointment and to find out more about endoscopies and your treatment options.

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