When Stomach Pains Should be Treated by the Doctor | Dr. Malik

Stomach pains can happen due to problems digesting food, gas or more serious concerns like ulcers and damage to the stomach’s lining. Some problems can be treated with antacids and a better diet, but there are some cases that should be seen by a doctor. Take note of these Stomach Painsigns. For persistent stomach pains see you Plano gastroenterologist Dr. Arshad Malik MD for further evaluation and treatment.
The Pain Is Unbearable
It’s normal to have some discomfort in your stomach and digestive system, especially after eating a big meal. But when the pain is unbearable, where you’re doubled over, can’t walk, can’t work or can’t eat, it’s time to get it treated by Plano gastroenterologist Dr. Malik. The most important thing to remember is that stomach pains shouldn’t disrupt your normal life.
When your stomach pains are accompanied by unexplained vomiting, it may be time to see a doctor. Vomiting could be a sign that there’s a more serious gastro problem that won’t go away with home care and basic dietary changes, such as an infection, inflammation, ulcer or even food poisoning. Make an appointment to have the doctor evaluate this combination of symptoms immediately.
Inability to Eliminate
If you find it difficult or impossible to move your bowels while experiencing stomach pain, this also could be a sign of an issue that needs to be resolved at a doctor’s office. Constipation and stomach pain could be a sign of some type of blockage or a medical condition like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
Getting Help with Stomach Pains
If you’ve been displaying any of these symptoms, don’t wait another day to get in touch with Plano gastroenterologist Dr. Arshad Malik for an appointment. The doctor will diagnose your issue with an exam and tests, then provide you with the best treatment plan for your specific case. Call the office at (972) 867-0019 or visit the practice’s website at to make an “Appointment Request.”
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