Four Common Things That Cause Stomach Pains | Dr. Malik

Everyone experiences a stomach pain once in a while, whether it’s from consuming something that your body doesn’t like or having menstrual cramps (in women). But if you’re experiencing stomach pains on a regular basis, it could be due to something you’re doing every day. Examine these four common things you may be doing on a daily basis that is causing your stomach pains. Consult Plano Stomach Paingastroenterologist Dr. Arshad Malik MD if these symptoms persist.

Eating Foods Your Body Doesn’t Like
One common cause of stomach pains is eating foods that your system doesn’t “agree” with. Many people eat foods and drink beverages that they have unknown allergies to, and their bodies react accordingly. For instance, some people are allergic to gluten and dairy, which gives them upset stomach and problems properly digesting their food. It can also lead to problems like IBD (irritable bowel syndrome). Talk to Dr. Malik about an allergy test if this could be a potential issue.

You Don’t Chew Thoroughly
Patients of Plano gastroenterologist Dr. Malik are often surprised to learn that you’re supposed to chew each bite of solid food (meats and vegetables) about 30 times for proper digestion. In reality, many people chew their food about 8-10 times before swallowing. This may cause your digestive system to have to work harder to break down the food, which could cause pains in the stomach. 

Not Enough Fiber
Fiber is a substance that is specifically designed to smoothly push food through your digestive tract and eliminate waste. If you don’t have enough fiber in your diet, this could be a cause of stomach pains. As your bowels become compacted, this may cause a discomfort in your abdomen until the waste is finally eliminated. Try adding more fiber, including pears, oats, bran and whole wheat, to your diet to reduce stomach pains.

Overlooking a Possible Digestive Obstruction
In some cases your problem causing stomach pains could be some type of obstruction in your digestive tract. In this case, it’s important that you see Plano gastroenterologist Dr. Arshad Malik MD for an appointment. If you have stomach pains that won’t go away and are causing a strain on your lifestyle, call his office at (972) 867-0019 or visit http://www.arshadmalikmd.com to make an appointment request online.

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