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My Thesis – Dataemia

My Thesis

My PhD thesis entitled “Functional and Structural Studies of the Human Voltage-Gated Proton Channel” has recently been published online by the Rockefeller University website here. The Thesis covers six years of extensive research that I carried out in the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics at the Rockefeller University under the tutelage of Dr Roderick MacKinnon. I worked closely with many postdocs in the lab during my tenure in the lab and would like to especially thank Dr Seok-Yong Lee (now at Duke University, check out his website here) and Dr Joel Butterwick along with all other members of the MacKinnon lab.

The thesis constitutes the first ever biochemical characterisation of the human voltage-gated H+ channel. It includes one-and-a-half chapters of published data then an additional two-and-a-half chapters of unpublished data, including a never before seen crystal structure (you will have to read the thesis to understand why we never published this structure before now). Additional unpublished data includes extensive mutagenesis studies and NMR characterisation of the detergent solubilised channel. I think that anyone interested in voltage-gated ion channel biochemistry and biophysics will appreciate this work. For anyone who works on voltage-gated H+ channels I think you will really get a kick out of all the unpublished work and encourage you to contact me it you have any questions or comments.

James Letts PhD Thesis

Click to see find and download my thesis from the Rockefeller University library archive.

Below is also a link to a recording of the public presentation portion of my Thesis defence. This presentation does not by any means cover all the work presented in my Thesis but I do discuss some of the major finding. This video has also been posted under the ‘My work’ page of this blog and on my linkedin profile so you may have come across it before. Hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to use the comments section below to ask me any questions or comment about any of this work.

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